Team Speak Update

For English read at the end of the page.

Srb: S obzirom da smo rešili da se raziđemo nakon Nove Godine, dogovorili smo se da se raziđemo i sa team speak-a. Nakon preračuna uplaćenih donacija, a od 01.03.2019. TAKE je ostao dužan NOPAS klanu 43.38€ i INCT klanu 9.86€ tj. 45€ + 10€. Na slici ispod možete videti transakcije sa team speak servera za mesec februar.

Eng: Since NOPAS decided to leave community and they gave donations for server, we decided to pay them out for they’re part of server (half ~ 45€ for NOPAS and ~10€ to INCT = 55€) so we would go separate all the way.
From 01.03.2019. on out TS will be only members of TAKE and TAK3.

On the image you can see our new balance with two transactions #1668211 and #1668217 and those transactions are made as a donation to NOPAS clan leader since they are moving to a new ts.

We would like to apologize in front to our members and members of TAK3 because on 01.03.2019 there will be maintenance on ts permissions and we will reset ts3 server