How things works in TAKE clan

    1. Redistribution of clan gold:  As long as there is gold in the clan’s bank, we share it to the people by activity (SH and CW) in three ways.  First: 50% earned gold on the map in a week is distributed to all who play CW in the week according to the number of games, not related to the outcome. Second: every 28 days we define the budget that is going be divided to the most active players (by points – see clan activity monitoring ) in the SH and Advance. Third: The three most active players (by points in CW, SH and Advance) receive a monthly (28 days) award for the activity .
    2. Clan activity monitoring:  The activity is measured by sum of points obtained  by playing CW, SH and Advance in last 28 days, as follows: 1 CW = 10 points, 1 Advance = 7 points, SH tier X = 5 points, SH tier VIII = 3 points. 
    3.  Player excluding: When the clan is full (100 players) than some of 5 players with least points in last 28 days will leave the clan. After a while, all excluded players can return to the clan, but then they go through the recruitment process again.
    4. Ranks: All NEW players starts as recruit.  If after second next Monday they do not earn 3000 boxes total, then they go to reservists. Recruit – when they earn 3000 boxes total , Private – when they earn 30000 boxes total, Junior officer – when they earn 100000 boxes total, Intelligence officer – when they earn 200000 boxes total. For higher ranks  first they have to express their desire and second the whole HQ have to agree with it.
    5. The clan resources (boosters):  Credit boosters:  If there are less than 10 credit boosters – we keep it for  Advance. If there are more than 10 credit boosters – we activate it when there is any SH on going, or there are more than 25 people on line, or at 20:00 o’clock.  If there are more than 20 credit boosters – we activate it when there are more than 20 people on line.  If there are more than 100 credit boosters – we activate it when there are more than 15 people on line. Free exp and crew boosters: when there are more than 30 people on line.